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Friday, August 19th 2011

3:18 AM

LVN to RN Bridge Programs - Could Help Nursing Shortage

LVN Programs In California What a shame that thousands of prospective nursing students are routinely turned away from California nursing programs, especially with our state suffering a severe nursing shortage.

Recently, the governor signed legislation mandating that nursing schools in the state allow licensed vocational nurses to become registered nurses with just one to two years of additional training. Now, through the use of these LVN to RN bridge programs, most LNVs can become registered nurses in three years.

Currently, all RN programs are severely impacted, with waiting lists of up to three or four years. Moreover, the programs require potential candidates to successfully complete numerous prerequisites, including chemistry, physiology, anatomy, microbiology and psychology. Most programs also require students to present a certified nursing assistant certificate. In addition, most of the prerequisites require other prerequisites.

Obviously, it is difficult to get accepted into a nursing program. With prerequisites and the waiting lists, it takes an average student six to seven years to become a registered nurse with an associate's degree. As a result, many qualified, potential registered nurses fall by the wayside.

Additionally, nursing school is a lot like boot camp, in that students who fall below 75 percent on exams and those who do not exhibit professional behaviors may be "weeded out" from a program that they worked so hard to get into, instead of being mentored for success.

Most vocational nursing programs are less difficult to get into and take only one to two years to complete. Now, once students successfully take the state examination and become licensed, they can then apply to one of many RN bridge programs offered at California colleges. If this option were fully utilized, it could help produce more RNs and, of course, LVNs, too.

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Posted by online lpn programs:

At present time demand of the nurses increasing day by day. Some serious steps must have been taken to fulfill the demand of the nurses.
Tuesday, June 12th 2012 @ 2:15 AM

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